Design has always been in my blood. Its been a common thread of happy since as long as I can remember. It emerged when I was in grade school, entering every drawing and art contest I could. I would look forward to staying up late at night to draw, I loved a blank piece of paper and all my pencils and colorful markers just sitting waiting to come alive. I even used to sell crocheted hats to my girlfriends between classes. So I guess I was always an entrepreneur as well. It all seemed to come easy to me because it never felt like work, it was something I loved more than anything else.

After starting my family, I opened a design studio in a small boutique in town, to keep learning and creating. I've since then opened 3 design studios and retail stores, curated, designed and sold furniture, lighting, carpet, artwork, antiques - all creative elements to make happy spaces for my clients. 

Today my interiors are clean and inspired. I focus on combining the expected with the unexpected. The look is alive with texture contrasts, luxurious fabrics alongside aged metal... soft lines with wood and stainless.  I am focused on creating spaces that not only live well but work well. I take time to interview my clients as to how they live, striving to not just fill a room with furniture but to create a lifestyle they envision and giving them something better then they could even imagine. 

In the Fall of 2017 I got my Ohio real estate license.  I joined the Keller Williams EZ Sales Team in Westlake, Ohio.  This group is the fastest growing and highest producing real estate firm in Ohio.   I am happy to be part of such a professional team, using the most state of the art software and camera technology, including a new 3 D imaging that works with any virtual reality headset!  I look forward to helping you find, design & sell your next home.