Purging: The Art of Letting Go

It’s summer time! It’s finally warm, and everything feels so alive again. Especially in real estate! I am very busy fielding the SOS calls for help from people who are feeling the heat from the seller’s market. With a market this hot, it is becoming all the more important that homes are sale-ready. 
And this means de-cluttering: the dreaded task all sellers must face as they prepare their homes for potential buyers. 
I was recently talking to a friend of mine who has been dreaming of selling the big family home and downsizing.  But before she can even think of selling, she’s stuck staring at piles of newspapers, photo boxes, dusty collections – you name it.  She knows its not just going to Home Depot for some garbage bags and getting rid of things, there’s the dreaded process of picking things up, piece by piece to determine its importance.  This alone is a daunting task.
Don’t panic! There are professional organizers and stagers that can help get your home ready for sale. But first you have to have a hard conversation with yourself.  
You’re proud of your home – as you should be! But now it’s time to let others imagine themselves in your home, and that can be uncomfortable. Now you have to admit that what is important to you, is probably not important to a potential buyer, so it must go somewhere else: a storage unit, a charity - or the dumpster.
It’s hard to have to say to any client that your home should no longer represent “you”, but that’s really the point. A seller isn’t buying “your style”, they’re buying a new future for them – so your home should strive to be as clean, updated and most importantly – generically pleasing as possible - so they can visually edit as they walk through.
The act of purging is physically and mentally freeing! Take the time to invite a professional to help you get started.  Then, day by day, begin the process of turning you and your home around. Don’t look at the mountain, just begin by removing a rock, one at a time.