A New Chapter

I’ve always been passionate about design. I’m a creator by nature, and I find beauty even in the mundane. 

I turned my passion into my career and have had my interior design company, Deco Studio, for 25 years now. I love being able to visualize what the possibilities are for a room or an entire home. My mind reworks the puzzle on the spot; removing walls, flipping things around, reworking living spaces. To me, there’s nothing greater than sharing the possibilities with my clients and seeing their excitement as it all comes together. 

Over the past few years I began buying & flipping houses that were in desperate need of complete makeovers. Acting as my own general contractor, I was able to fully immerse myself into the deeply complicated and challenging world of home renovation. I loved taking apart the insides of these challenged spaces and reworking them. Even the smallest of updates would instantly breath new life into a home that would have otherwise languished. There was nothing greater than standing in the finished house, with every inch representing something I designed. 

However, once I’d finished renovating a home, I would hand my work off to a sales agent who would not be able to fully tell that home’s story to a potential buyer. I’d never imagined I would explore the world of real estate but as my renovation business began to grow, I found myself feeling left out of the best part of the process - showcasing the final product to a person or family that would soon call it home. So I got to work. 

After lots of intense studying, I now have my Ohio real estate license through Keller Williams, EZ Sales Team, the largest, tech savvy & award winning real estate team in Ohio. To me, this represents not only a new chapter in my career, but a new way to share my passion for home design with others. 

Designing, renovating or buying/selling can be a daunting process - but it doesn't have to be. Let's get creating!